Who are we?

We are a chapter of the Indivisible grassroots movement committed to uniting people within South Carolina’s 2nd District and the Greater Columbia area to increase voter participation in the Midlands and put pressure on our Members of Congress to represent all of their constituents. We are a nonpartisan group of activists working to resist the Trump agenda. We are not focused on Trump himself; instead we are focusing on our Members of Congress (MoCs) and demanding they listen to our voices and act in our interests.

We aim to be inclusive, supportive, and active.

Grassroots activism requires that we be in this for the long haul. Steady, concerted, and patient effort is what will have the biggest impact in protecting the most vulnerable members of our communities from oppressive and regressive policies.

As a member we ask that you show up, do good, and don’t quit.

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Marry You for Health Care – Bruno Mars Parody

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Marry You for Health Care – Bruno Mars Parody